What Are Things That Cause Me Stress: A Visual Approach

What Are Things That Cause Me Stress: A Visual Approach

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As with all things Pinterest, it shouldn’t come a wonder that this is going to side a more visual approach. Now on to why.

As a human being and all the complexities that goes with it. It should be our daily quest to make our lives simpler, don’t you think? This approach for me is dual-purpose. First, it addresses parts about yourself that are silently boiling and festering at your insides which are the things that are causing you stress. Second, like any good plan you get a better picture with some visual mapping.

When you see them plainly in front of you, next time you hear from yourself might be a bunch of “aah, now I get it”. You might uncover some things you didn’t know you had in you.

3 Reasons Why It’s A Good Relaxation Method:

• Identify areas of stress and find ways to address them
• Constant visual reminder of what causes you stress
• Come up preventative measures to have a more relaxed life


Like any good presentation, you won’t get the best one once. You need a couple of drafts first. That’s why I suggest getting another paper and on that particular one, list as in plainly write one after another everything that’s causing you stress; as this exercise suggests. Write it ALL down from the front to the back of the paper. One piece not enough? Then make it two.

And you know what? Don’t do it in one day. Do it for a couple of days, maybe a week? Just write them down one after another regarding things that cause you stress. The reason for doing it like this, is for you to have a better chance of identifying all those things that tick you off  more accurately even when or after it happens. Surely a different day presents a different dilemma.

Done with the list? Then this is the time it gets a visual treatment. Map them with the most stressful being nearest to the center as that represents you and the lesser ones circled more outward but still connected to the center.

Then there, right in front of you is a bit of you. It’s a defined list of what you DON’T like. Now, you have a visual representation of what stresses you out. It’s a self-loving poster of sort reminding you that in order to have a better day you might need to minimize such and such or completely avoid; otherwise, come up with a work around. Do you think this is helpful?

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