The Time You Enjoy Wasting

The Time You Enjoy Wasting (Stress Management)

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“Adult-ing” can mean so many things including being self-reliant as much as following your life’s path towards fulfillment and the actualization of your potentials. What that means is being left with no time to spare. Sometimes, even sneaking a little binge watch of your favorite series can plague you with so much guilt what with the deadlines barking behind your back. Imagining tasks that need to be done pile upon pile is probably enough for a mild stroke anytime during a productive day.

But amidst all that, never forget that you’re not a mechanized being incapable of exhaustion and fatigue. Please be guided by the wise words found above and breathe. You deserve it. You’re not a complete procrastinator simply because you’ve acknowledge your tasks and know that they’re their. It’s never as bad as you think anyway. When push comes to shove, remember, the power of multi-tasking is yours for the taking!

3 Reasons Why It’s A Good Relaxation Method:

• Time to decompress and forget all those worries even just for a time
• Let your psyche and your soul breathe by doing something you enjoy
• You can get more attuned to what your emotional alignment is that day and have more awareness on how to deal and avoid further stress


Repeat after me, “I’ve endured enough and deserve this”. Then to lop off some of that guilt consider timing yourself like 2 hours of wasting for 2 hours of extra productivity.

Thus put into full effect your right towards: play hard; but work harder in the most efficient way possible so you can play longer. After all, you enjoyed your time it was a matter of a good mental investment.

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