Puzzling Out 5 Dog Senses To Know Them Better

Dogs are directly descended from wolves. Studies show that the relationship between dog and man have dated back even to the caveman days. Evidence can be seen through cave drawings and other artifacts that were left behind like in pottery or sculptures. They likely originated from creatures that wandered the earth over 15 million years ago called Tomarctus. Fossils from them could be found dating back to 10,000 B.C.

Alright, history isn’t that bad. An interesting fact about dog history is in ancient Egypt, when a beloved dog died, its owner would shave off their eyebrows put mud in their hair and to top it all off cry aloud in mourning for days!

Puzzling Out 5 Dog Senses To Know Them Better (Pet Care)

Dog Sense #1

A Dog’s Sense of Paws

Just because they have rough paws and it’s where their only sweat glands are situated in between those paws, doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate holding your hand. It is actually the first sense among their senses that they develop. Although, their entire body is covered with nerve endings that would make them sensitive to your touch as well.

Whenever I pet Teemo, I can almost see her smiling at me. Plus, studies have shown that petting dogs can lower blood pressure!

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