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Neongreeneify + Narrowcast Iligan hopes to cover your Online Marketing, Social Media, & Narrowcasting via our 9ft x 6ft (LED) Digital Billboard at a very Affordable Price. We bring you the complete package, your Advertising Solution covering Iligan City and beyond.



Neongreeneify + Narrowcast IliganSocial Media
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Narrowcast Iligan


Neongreeneify + Narrowcast Iligan

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Your Ads will be Posted on All Our Social Media TWICE a Day. Reach Potential Customers and inform them about exciting products, services, or events in your Business. Make your Ads go Viral!


Neongreeneify + Narrowcast IliganNarrowcast

Narrowcast Philippines through the ESIGNAGE Network seeks to revolutionize Digital Advertising in the country.

Neongreeneify + Narrowcast IliganWe are building a network of at least 20 Digital Billboards across mega-cities this year and many more thereafter.

Neongreeneify + Narrowcast Iligan - Narrowcast 4We offer hassle-free advertising solutions by  giving our clients the power to air different ads on one or all of our sites anytime via Narrowcast’s “Ads On Clouds” feature that allows to broadcast digital content by simply going to an online portal and using any internet browser.

Reach your market in a fully comprehensible and vibrant way through photos, video clips, flash files, and other digital ways which will be shown on a 9ft x 6ft LED screen situated at the Heart of Traffic where everyday public utilities, private cars, & pedestrians pass by.



Iligan Site 1: 1st East, Tubod Rosario Heights, Opposite Jollibee Tubod, Adjacent To National Highway, Can Be Seen From Robinsons Mall
Iligan Site 2: Upcoming

Ad Subscriptions Available

Ad Creation Services


Option 1 Pricing – Contact Us For More Info

Neongreeneify + Narrowcast Iligan


E-mail Marketing

Neongreeneify + Narrowcast IliganWe send out a monthly Newsletter showcasing the best products and exciting sales happening all-over the city. Your Business can be featured too. Get personal and reach Potential Clients via e-mail. It’s a great way to inform your market of not only up-coming products but also of Special Events about your Business.

Reach an extra 500 people locally right through there inbox! We are continuously increasing our E-mail List for you to reach more and more people each month.


Option 2 Pricing – Contact Us For More Info

Neongreeneify + Narrowcast Iligan


Online Directory

Your Business will be added onto the top 3 Online Directories in the Philippines, which are: Google Business, Business Directory, and HotFrog. They work exactly like Telephone Directories which will show your contact details while being added onto your specific industries but better because it will help the online visibility of your business.

You will be more accessible by anyone through Google search or any other search engines like Yahoo! or Bing. This produces very relevant market since it’s actually the Client who’s trying to reach you.


Option 3 Pricing – Contact Us For More Info

Neongreeneify + Narrowcast Iligan


Website Page

Establish your Business online so customers can reach you with a click of a button. Have your own Website Page where in one glance it will show not only informative details about your Business but also exhibit in vibrant images your products. There will come a time where everything will be done digitally it would be unwise for your business to be left behind.

Not only will you be reached locally but your Business can now be accessed nationwide and all over the world making you a direct option for Clients who are specifically looking for your products. What a great way to get extensive coverage for your Business!


Option 4 Pricing – Contact Us For More Info

Neongreeneify + Narrowcast Iligan


& So Much More… Other Options Available…

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