Manage Anxiety – 7 Ways

Manage Anxiety - 7 Ways (Stress Management)thanks Progress Wellness

Getting anxious is such a go-to reaction when one’s cup runneth over. Some people get to bounce back like emotional experts and go on with their productive lives. While others take time in adjusting from an outpouring of emotions.

The 7 ways above can actively address your state of anxiety maybe not instantly, that remains to be a matter of exercise and getting used to its application. However once one decides to start managing the anxiety one should be able to do so no matter how slowly by implementing one of the ways above.

Which one do you think would be the most applicable at any given onslaught?

I suppose, it depends on the level of anxiety. Maybe a good breathing routine should initially calm one down and perhaps minimize its overpowering reflex. While for prolonged periods of anxiety maybe journal writing and catering to a support system would help uncover and eventually combat its entrapping effect and be on your way towards a more manageable life with anxiety.

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