Keep Calm & Be Light-Headed With Your Tasks


Doesn’t this short film by Mike Dacko just say a little too something about life? That life is indeed a cycle.

Is life a race? Sometimes and many other scenarios can fit in to what we call life. When you think about life this or life that, it can be pretty overwhelming.

Then sometimes we can’t help but act on a whim, like a fire inside us is lit and it thrusts us to move forward. Act on a whim of craziness, or, a whim of pure genius. The crazier part is sometimes it works.

But sometimes it doesn’t. And when this happens, you can be at your most vulnerable. You just put yourself out there and life smacked you by saying no. But as this little insightful animation shows, there are some helping hands out there that will nudge you back to life. Maybe all you need is a little warmth.

Being passionate about something feels great and fulfilling especially when you get the results you were hoping for or even better. But being intense 90% of the time, isn’t that just overkill?

Can you imagine handling a heated hair dryer for long periods, doesn’t it get uncomfortable? That’s probably how people around you feels. And you without realizing the intense mindset your carrying all the time as dead weight lead you to days of low concentration, high anxiety levels, lesser peace of mind, plus other disadvantages which largely speaks of: stress, stress, stress!

In the end when you’ve lived and what remains are your actions, you can be that guiding star for others as well. Just try to keep it light and trust in the wisdom of how moderation is key.

3 Reasons Why It’s A Good Relaxation Method:

• Over-achievement isn’t your favorite pastime and a balanced life is doable
• Relieve stress by being light-headed and relaxed most of the time
• Being easy going will help you see things in perspective

Stress Management - Keep Calm & Be Light-Headed With Your TasksTIPS ON THE IMPLEMENTATION:

It’s easy to be caught on what involves your regular routine, especially if you’re paid and expected to do so. Like beating deadlines on a career that you are passionate about, you can’t help but pour your heart and soul into it.

It’s even easier to get deadbeat and cram once time is at its utmost. May it be a labor of love or a sense of responsibility at home or at work if you don’t do well and finish on time, there’s always that impending jeopardy and failure that we fear so much. So how do you stay light-headed when so many things depend on accomplishing certain tasks at hand?

However which do you think is better and is more productive? Worrying while working, or, staying in perspective while working? By staying calm and light-headed, don’t you think your priority skills are at their best and step 1 to step last can seam in perfectly?

Try when you’re just about to push that panic button, pause and take long breaths. Fuel your brain more oxygen. Then assess your situation before deciding to jump onto Impending Doomland. Time and time again I surprise myself by realizing that things weren’t actually as bad as I thought they were. Believe it or not, my problems were actually just about 30% of the magnanimous amount of what I thought it was.

As you start jotting down your concerns you will soon realize that to each is a solution. That with time and a cool perspective to arm your course of action, you start thinking, “oh, it can be done!” All thanks to staying calm and being light-headed.

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