How To Have Lesser Worries Each Day With 3 Easy Steps


You know how sometimes you feel like there are a million things you have yet to finish? Then add those second-priority million other things you’ve left hanging at the back of your head. Such as, some fixing up to do and you’ve got the recipe for dead weight stress that never leaves until you get them done.

Well stress no more. All you need for this exercise to work is some inexpensive pen and paper or go paperless and use one of your gadgets that sends off an alarm; and these 3 steps below:
Balancing Work & Life #1 – How To Have Lesser Worries Each Day With 3 Easy Steps:

1.) Make A Long-Term To-Do List


Stress Management - How To Have Lesser Worries Each Day With 3 Easy Steps Long-Term ListOk, so this exercise is just about making another list that will somehow get long-forgotten along with instances of procrastination or other pressing matters? Well, not quite.

I assure you it is not like any other lists, which will be explained later. The important thing is under any circumstances don’t make a list that will easily get thrown, crumpled or misplaced.

Since it will be used for long-term, it is highly recommended that you invest in a sturdier material to put your list on. Come on, be creative. Remember, you are giving yourself a chance to worry less by creating that list.


For this type of to-do list, try posting it somewhere permanent like a wall or board. This way you don’t get to accidentally throw or misplace it. It may not be recommended to scrawl it in a notebook since these can get out of use once all the pages are used up and could get thrown away.

2.) Find A Schedule That Works

Stress Management - How To Have Lesser Worries Each Day With 3 Easy Steps ScheduleYou know what they say about doing things, “one step at a time.” You never fully realize it’s beauty until you’re there, success is yours for the taking. That’s what you can also do to be successful with this exercise and have lesser worries each day.

So now go ahead and just jot down those things that you want done but don’t need to right away. Take them off your mental storage at the same time let go of the worry it held on you for in its due time, they will most certainly be taken cared of.

Have you ever heard of long-term loans? They are the type of loans that allow you to finish off your loan within 25-30 years. That’s also what you’re about to do and why this list will be quite different from your regular ones. This list takes time.

The second part of making lists is accomplishing what’s on them. How do you do the tasks on the list without interfering much with your day-to-day responsibilities? By finding a schedule that works.

How about doing one, once a month? Once, every 2 months? Once, every 6 months? Anything that works for you. Do the math of when your schedule can most accommodate these things, and commit to it. That way, it’s almost like the thing you’ve put off but already scheduled to do is already half done!


You might want to pencil in 3 days per activity. That way, the first day is for preparation such as purchasing or borrowing needed materials to do the task. So the second day can just go by smoothly and you finishing the task faster than expected. That’ll be one task off your list now! The 3rd day is for your next step below.

3.) Good Job – Now Get A Reward For Balancing Your Work & Life

Stress Management - How To Have Lesser Worries Each Day With 3 Easy Steps Reward

If you think that everyday is a celebration then you will definitely have more to celebrate, since you’ve finally gotten one down off your list. Yipee!

For sticking to your long-term plan and committing to that schedule, you deserve a reward. That’s right, you deserve a nice pat on the back. So give yourself some credit and splurge on something nice.

So the 3rd day is for you to look forward. Set a reward that is certainly something you enjoy. You can use this as a motivator to stick to your plan!


Splurge is a tricky word. When thinking of the reward don’t go overboard with the splurging or else that would be another headache to face.

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