How To Declutter Your Home In 50 Days With 3 Easy Steps


If you have not the extra help, you can just pencil in so much to do in a day. Plus add the natural wear and tear of things, you are bound to repair or declutter something in your entire lifetime. It’s guaranteed and as expected as change.

Not only that, once you have a family of your own the more you would need to take things at a stride and get a firmer grip of your time to stay on top of things. All you need for this exercise to work is a trusted calendar that you see everyday and will never lose. Up to you if you want to put it on ink or go paperless; and these 3 steps below:

Balancing Work & Life #2 – How To Declutter Your Home In 50 Days:


1.) Write Down What You Can Remember

Stress Management - How To Declutter Your Home In 50 Days With 3 Easy Steps Write DownWrite down all the things you remember were needing some organizing and decluttering. That’s right put it all away in writing and free up those itching worries.


Before putting it on the official calendar, put it down on a piece of paper first. Hold your horses on penciling it in, this is just the first step and we still have 3 other steps to go.

2.) Write Down What You See

Stress Management - How To Declutter Your Home In 50 Days With 3 Easy Steps What You SeeBring that paper where your list is at on the previous step and go around each room. Then just write down what you see needs decluttering. Such as: declutter DVD’s on your living area; or declutter first 2 top left shelf at the kitchen; declutter desk on your study.

If you think this takes time because you have to go around each room in your house, don’t. There’s probably a technique to this, you don’t need to do this everytime you clean your house. How about just doing it once a month, or better yet pencil it down as one of your declutter tasks.


As this famous phrase now goes, just “let it go.” Write down everything you see that needs to be decluttered. Spare no ink and just put it all down. Don’t worry if the list goes on and on. Remember once you have them all down they will be taken cared of in due time. What this means is of course, lesser things to think and worry about where your mental storage can be put to better use.

3.) No Need To Rush – Allot Time

Stress Management - How To Declutter Your Home In 50 Days With 3 Easy Steps Allot TimeSo why just 50 ways to declutter your home and not a 100 or more than that? Remember if you’re not used to the idea of doing things one small item at a time or at an alotted time limit only, then you first need to get used to it. Get used to the idea on how to identify tasks as they are and on how much time they need. Which I think are very important in this exercise.

Be very specific with your tasks and compare it to the time you can spare on a daily basis. I think 30 minutes is a good amount of time to start. Also what’s vital to remember is you are decluttering and that’s NOT necessarily cleaning up but more on organizing. So when you say “declutter dvd’s” that could just mean, arranging them according to genre, or giving away what you don’t want around anymore.


Stick to your plan. Make it easy to do so. I suggest you start with the small and easy tasks which you think will really just take 30 minutes or less to finish if you start out with just 30 minutes. This builds confidence that your 50 days of decluttering will be a success.

Now there are probably items that need more than 30 minutes to declutter so for this one, don’t do them in 1 day. Again make it easy for you to stick to the daily decluttering, take 5 days out of your 50 if that’s what it takes. Although while you’re at it, try putting up neon signs near that area to “leave it” if you live with family or friends so you don’t go back to square one.


Once you’ve finished your 50 days, a congratulations is in order. You are bound to have a more organized life where you’ll know exactly where to find what you need anytime you need it. And also be a bit more at ease now, that your life is indeed more in order, which is a very empowering feeling.

So after the 50 days, it’s time to celebrate and so just go ahead and reward yourself by taking a month off the decluttering business. After which, if you’re itching to re-organize again how about restarting the 50 days? Try 50 days to declutter your home and see for yourself.

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