Destroy What Destroys You

Destroy What Destroys You (Stress Management)

thanks Goodbye Babylon


I would think this needs no further explaining. But everything is certainly easier read, seen, heard, than done.

Sometimes one of the hardest things to do is face yourself and see your reflection for who he or she really is. Most of the time it’s easier to hide behind the “too busy” to figure myself out when there are just so many more important and pressing matters to tend to like your mental well-being is secondary.

As much as a good sleep heals one’s weariness that easily, it shouldn’t be as hard as intermediate calculus to figure out how mental health precedes any other types of health most especially the physical one. A sound mind is a sound everything; physical is the least of its manifestations. It touches your emotional health, social, financial, and everything else. Indeed, all aspects.

3 Reasons Why It’s A Good Relaxation Method:

• Gain understanding of the life you really want
• Let go of the inessentials including things you thought were important but really aren’t
• Get relaxed knowing your life is making you maximize your potentials


Feeling stressed? Feeling overwhelmed? Maybe it’s high time to seriously hit the brakes for at least a day or an entire week and re-think how your life’s going; if you’re still fighting the fights you’re supposed to. As essential as the question “where are you going?,” it actually is that simple to start putting your life in order. Let go of things that are making you go in circles. Destroy what needs to be destroyed.

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