Can You Spare 2 Minutes Of Doing Nothing?

Stress Management - Can You Spare 2 Minutes Of Doing Nothing?WHY DO IT:

I don’t know about you ladies and gents but have you ever experienced a time when you wish for a Stop button, where everyone else can pause for a while but you can still go on and do everything that you need? I know I have. Talk about Stress!

It is true that making a Superwoman of you even though you’re just like Batman, a regular guy who neither has any superpowers nor control of time; will make a busy-body and most of the time tired person out of you. So why sneak in 2 minutes of doing nothing?

Well first of all, remember you need to breathe really long ones sometimes to get a very well-functioned brain. Secondly, you need it. I’m sure there were times when you just told yourself I need a long vacation but for a million other reasons can’t. Think of it as an installment vacation where instead of 3 days of lounging near a beach, you just do it in tiny 2-minute duration. Lastly, to give you more of that vacation feel, try listening to the waves while doing nothing by checking this free app online donothingfor2minutes.

3 Reasons Why It’s A Good Relaxation Method:

• Get good air circulation in your system
• Relieve stress by just doing nothing
• You can listen to cool beach waves while at it, try the free app above


Put on some earphones and listen to the waves courtesy of donothingfor2minutes. The app will also determine if you’ve cheated one bit by moving your mouse or keyboard as it will stop the 2-minute countdown. So just really take time off and simply DO NOTHING.

If you’re sitting down, first crunch your back and hips to loosen those muscles. Then sit down comfortably but try not to slouch to fully take in the air you inhale. Slouching causes for chest breathing and not diaphragm breathing. FYI, the diaphragm provides maximum oxygenation of most of your arteries. So for you to get the best of this exercise, then just excuse yourself from having bad posture within that 2 minutes.

If you plan on laying down, then again loosen your muscles first. After which find a comfy position. But for you to avoid hunching, try putting a pillow behind your back. This instantly massages your back a bit and make you feel relaxed.

At the start of the exercise, you might then begin to wonder. Should I just start staring at the ceiling? At the wall? Or at that green leafy plant at the corner? Or should I just close my eyes and completely concentrate at the ocean waves? I guess, ladies and gentleman, whatever works for you. Remember, the important thing is give yourself some credit. Give yourself time. Give yourself just 2 minutes of not worrying or thinking about anything that will make you worry.

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