Asian Dramas Recommendation: Modern Farmer – 6 Reasons


Asian Dramas Recommendation: Modern Farmer – 6 Reasons

Asian Dramas Recommendation Modern Farmer - 6 Reasons Asian Dramas Recommendation Modern Farmer - 6 Reasons


They are serious about naming the series “Modern Farmer” because I learned a lot about cabbage farming. I also learned that you can’t fully trust the internet because come on we’ve been there many times where you go thinking “oh, it’s not that bad. I’m sure this’ll only take 5 minutes tops!” & that’s what Lee Hong Ki’s role did here, yes, with cabbage farming.

I mean, I understand where he was coming from something as growing food can’t be that hard after all people eat everyday. Thankfully the End of Days hasn’t arrived yet & it’s still one of the most accessible resource in the planet.

So he searched cabbage farming on the internet & went on thinking that it was actually – pretty – easy. & that they’ll surely be done in no time probably 2 hours tops. But they ended up doing very little within 3 hours.

Asian Dramas Recommendation Modern Farmer - 6 Reasons


Like any band, I suppose theirs was also built on friendship. & I guarantee feels spewing out from that.

I particularly enjoyed how 7 years later they still kept on chasing their dream to become legitimate rock stars instead of living through & being content with their present lives where one was a “salary man”, another was a doctor, & one other that was still a student trying hopelessly to pass the civil service exam, while Lee Hong Ki’s character was doing all sorts of odd jobs.

Asian Dramas Recommendation Modern Farmer - 6 Reasons Asian Dramas Recommendation Modern Farmer - 6 Reasons


If I were to put in 1 sentence the friendships that you see in this series it would be like this, from episode 1 where Hong Ki’s character uttered: “where are the useless people who are free & stupid & strong?” to commence said cabbage farming project. & of course the people that answered his call were none other than his former band mates.

Asian Dramas Recommendation Modern Farmer - 6 Reasons Asian Dramas Recommendation Modern Farmer - 6 Reasons


I guess it was hinted early on that this was a series that’s part comedy because of the opening scene. Because well stupid is kind of funny. Moments such as trying to steal someone else’s flower wreath at a funeral house because the deceased one that you went to didn’t have any. Kind sure, but still kind of stupid.

It may have seemed ominous at first what with them being heavy metal of which most songs in that genre is anything but gay however never fear they didn’t fall short, there are a LOT of ways for you to die laughing in this drama. Such as the deer resting, no, living inside Min Ki’s grandma’s house (Lee Hong Ki) which is now his since he inherited it after his grandma passed away, ergo, the funeral scene from before.

When they disturbed the deer upon turning on the lights, & all he could say was “it’s ok.. it’s ok” or in Korean “kwenchana.. kwenchana..” which you will find later on that he says a lot because they truly have a lot of catastrophic situations where he needed to utter those very words to assure everyone that yet again, no, they’re not yet in too much deep shit. One incident that brightly comes to mind was of another particular deer but this time well-loved by all in the village in fact they treasured him as some type of trophy since it’s ancestor was known to have saved no less than a former king.

But then some sequence of events unfortunately brought Mr. Flowers the revered village cutey to its sad end perpetuated of course by our 4 little Rock stars. They soon realized that replacing a domestic deer with a wild one is truly truly a hard one to control. & if a question ever ran across your mind on whether a deer’s antler if it head-butts anyone would it pierce through flesh? Rest assured, that the answer is yes. Yes it does, as the Governor who came out to their village that day to put an even bigger honorary title to Mr. Flowers got pierced in the stomach by an impostor. How does this come about you imagine? Just watch it! All I can say is it took me a while to get over that. Even now, I can’t help letting out a couple of snickers every time I replay it in my head.

Asian Dramas Recommendation Modern Farmer - 6 Reasons Asian Dramas Recommendation Modern Farmer - 6 Reasons


This star’s Lee Hong Ki, the ever charming but very legit rock star because you can tell that he’s really the one singing the songs. Granted of course, that he’s also the lead vocalist to a very real South Korean band called F.T. Island who incline themselves towards no less than the rock genre themselves. That’s an FYI for you.

Asian Dramas Recommendation Modern Farmer - 6 Reasons Asian Dramas Recommendation Modern Farmer - 6 Reasons


The opening scene said it all — to be young, stupid, & reckless. They had that obligatory drunk last night but now it’s morning and we have a concert to perform at – however c’est la vie. Not to mention very fashionably out there with their leather jackets & dark eyeliners, as is expected. There’s also no other way to express the opening scene other than it was bright with bold colors, it had that edge-y statement which sort of set the tone that it is about rock ‘n roll not only in music but probably in general. You can almost taste their youth.

They’re fictional band’s name is ExSo which actually means Excellent Souls, if that doesn’t exude Rock ‘n roll I don’t know what does. To top it off they’re band is such eye-treat, that makes you all warm & gooey inside it’s hard not to take a bite.


Plot Summary:

In search of inspiration, rock band “Excellent Souls” — Lee Min Ki (Lee Hong Ki), Kang Hyeok (Park Min Woo), Yoo Han Cheol (Lee Si Un) — goes on hiatus deep in the countryside. To their surprise, the village elder is none other than Kang Yoon Hee (Honey Lee), a zippy woman who’s not only the town’s first female leader, but also the youngest. She also just so happens to be bandleader Min Ki’s first love. Amidst a rural backdrop, these scrappy rockers take stock of what stirs their passions — both musical and romantic.

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