5 Common Cat Behaviors & Why They Do It

Cat Behavior #1

When Cows Go Moo And Cats Go Meow

5 Common Cat Behaviors & Why They Do It (Pet Care)

Cats may not be too showy when it comes to giving out affection but they sure know how to cry out when they want something through their meows. Literally, their meow can sound like a baby’s cry, have you ever heard one of those, especially in a dark alley on an eerie night?

Cats have the ability to fine tune the way their meow sounds. Sometimes it could be slow and needier or it could be faster and louder almost telling you, to “hurry up, what’s the delay?”

Why do they do that? Well, I guess they have somehow understood that when they do it, their masters will oblige. People instinctively have paternal or maternal inclinations that respond perfectly to a cat’s meow sounding like a baby’s cry or an overly repetitive yelp which gets pitiable yet obnoxiously annoying at the same time. That we can’t help respond to these sounds as soon as we can, such that the trainer has now become the one being trained. Nasty cute little monsters, aren’t they?

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