1 New Thing A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Stress Management - 1 New Thing A Day Keeps The Doctor Away


Isn’t it a bit too cliché when you say life is meant to be lived? Not just as a means of drifting about. Sure you need to pay your bills, eat, then shop a little. But you have to admit you can’t just live for financial security and stop yourself from engaging in other matters unrelated to your established routine.

However this type of situation, where you wake up everyday and get ready to leave so you get on top of that schedule is not so much as a pause/play button that people can shake off now but is almost what defines a regular human lifestyle. It’s as if this is how survival of the fittest plays out now.

So if you still have it in yourself to show a little flair, then why not try a bit of curiosity and relieve some stress in the process? There is no age limit to learning. At the same time there’s nothing more relaxing than taking a break and hitting off with a few trivia along the way.

3 Reasons Why It’s A Good Relaxation Method:

• Boost your brain cells
• Relieve stress by learning 1 cool fact a day
• Learning can be pretty fun and interactive


To be honest, this is a great way to splurge yourself from missing out on your number one hobby. You can brush on ways to greet your neighbor in Japanese if you’re into learning new languages. Or, incidentally learning another way to manage stress so you can keep calm and cool.

Personally, I think the Earth is beautiful. There is so much in our world that we take for granted just because they’re always there. Nature can sometimes be a work of art and a miracle. So just take your pick. Explore your environment.

However, the aim here is to relax and not overwhelm yourself with the gush of knowledge that could make your eyes twitch. One at a time baby.

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